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Everything your people need to assess the candidates, understand the issues important to your organization, and make their voices heard.

Website Creation Tools

Creating a new advocacy website has never been this easy. You really can launch your campaign today. Our cutting edge website creation tool takes the modern ease of website creation to a whole new level. Designed from the ground up to be fully automated, you can create your own customized website in a matter of minutes. Provide your own logo, colors, and photos, and you’ll have a unique website dedicated to your issues in less than an hour.

Voting Tools

While most within your community are politically engaged, staying on top of the continuous changes to voting procedures, requirements, and locations can be difficult. Momentum’s tools allow users to find the information relevant to them wherever they live. With just an address, they will instantly know how to register, with the right forms, addresses, and deadlines. They’ll also see the candidates running to represent them, including your organization’s assessment on their candidacy.

Government Tools

Once in office, how can your members stay informed as to who is representing them and what they’re doing? With Momentum’s government tools, anyone can review their elected officials at every level of government, from federal, to state, to local, complete with notes and scoring from your organization, helping them to understand your perspective on the issues.

Is there a specific piece of legislation that is particularly important to your organization? Bill Tracking makes it easy to keep your members updated on where a bill is in the legislative process at the state or federal level, including your organization’s notes to ensure your members understand how the legislation will impact their lives.

Action Tools

Momentum’s letter writing tool allows your members to contact their elected officials or, really, anyone you would like, quickly and easily. You draft the messages, which you can allow your members to edit or not. Easily create and send multiple versions to different targets within a single campaign, meaning your users can send all of them with a single click. And with social share features, coming soon, your members can multiply your efforts by driving their friends into your community.

Advanced Analytics

Ensure you’re communicating the true impact of your campaigns to any audience, inside your organization or out, with analytics and the ability to create reports. Collect all relevant performance metrics and deliver them either via your existing Google Analytics account, or via our built-in analytics and report-creation system.