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Why Momentum

The most modern and flexible platform available to plan, organize, and activate your community to achieve your advocacy goals.

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Strategic Consultation

Momentum’s political team monitors election-related developments and makes sense of how the changing political landscape will impact your organization. We take a comprehensive approach in helping clients shape public policy and meet their political goals, and our political insight and guidance help set their strategy.

Momentum strategies power the grassroots and political activities of a wide cross-section of American employers, industry trade associations, issue coalitions, business organizations, and political action committees.

When you team up with Momentum, you partner with political experts who deliver strategic guidance and know how to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

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Advocacy Platform

Grassroots services are the foundation of the Momentum network. They help your organization’s members learn about the people and policies that impact their lives, and provide the tools to help organizations shape political and policy outcomes.

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Campaign Services

Our client organizations sometimes require help creating and running advocacy programs and campaigns. Deploying experts in the communications, creative, data management, and technology fields, Momentum is able to offer full service advocacy campaign planning and execution.

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Whether you’re starting with a sizeable list of advocates or you’re just getting started, we know you want more. By leveraging decades of expertise in consumer marketing and the latest targeting techniques, we can help you find your people, wherever they are. From naming, logo and brand identity development, creative and digital design and production, email, search, and paid advertising media planning, buying, and management, we can take your group from zero to credible in no time.

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Once you’ve started your audience building program, you’ll want to educate your people on what’s important regarding your key issues. By combining Momentum’s strategic insights into government operations with talented writers and marketers, you’ll be able to craft the ideal program to get your audience up to speed on what’s happening and why they need to be involved.

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When the time is right, unleash the power of your audience to create meaningful change. Leverage the power of the Momentum advocacy platform toolkit to drive a torrent of communications to the right influencers at the right time, whether they’re legislators, regulators, members of the media, or prominent business leaders, at the federal, state, or local level.

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The moment one campaign ends, the next one begins. Ensure your people continue to find your organization a valuable source of information and insights into the issues they care about. With thoughtful content creation, ongoing email and social media conversations, you’ll turn your advocates into the leaders and recruiters you’ll need to be ready for the next challenge.